With great excitement and a heavy heart, I’m leaving Kaldor and becoming part of a new team, starting a new company.

I’ve always wanted to be part of making a new company because I feel like it’s such a magical part of a company’s life, and it’s the time that you have the most control over crucial properties that make a company what it is. Most crucially, culture and people.

Loving where I work and what I do has been so important to me since starting at Apple Retail back in 2010. And being part of making somewhere that others would love to work, let alone me, is really, really exciting. I care about it so much because having a great culture and a great team leads to the production of amazing products. I believe that creating amazing products is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding feelings ever. And after all, it’s what I set out to do when I started learning to be a software engineer - to be an integral part of a team producing software that can significantly improve the end user’s life.

Loot Bank

June 5th will be my first day working at Loot Bank. For the early stages of development, at least, I’m going to help architect our entire stack and head up iOS development.

Loot Bank is a FinTech company and is part of the Accelerator Academy and Level39 accelerator programs. We’ve just about raised all of the investment we need from our first round and are ready to move in to our new office about 7 mins walk from London Bridge station.

The team so far consists of myself and two other people, Ollie (CEO) and Filip (Lead Engineer), who are brilliant idea generators, implementors and experience the problem that we’re trying to solve. We’re going to look for more people that fit this profile. Having people who experience the problem we’re solving, who are naturally going to use the product we produce every day, will have a more organic motivation to make the team succeed and produce it’s best work. And also, it’s much more likely that they’ll love working at Loot, too 😄.

Blogging our progress feels like a really nice idea to me, so please keep an eye on our site and Twitter if you’re interested in getting the finer details of our progress. If you’d just like to hear about milestones we reach you can sign up at lootbank.com for email notifications.


Starting this company is definitely bitter-sweet. I’m massively excited, yet I’m truly sad to leave what has helped me get to where I am now at a speed and quality that I would never of achieved on my own. Ultimately, Kaldor have been very flexible with me and the engineering team have guided me through pretty much every question I’ve had. They let me work part-time while I was in semester at uni, and then full-time in the summer holidays. And I’ve had access to super smart people who’ve been great mentors to me. This is the best start that any new Software Engineer could ask for.

I deeply thank Kaldor for the huge opportunity they’ve given to me, and the huge catalyst that they’ve been in my career. I wish them all the best in their future and I look forward to catching up with them every now and then.

There are too many people to thank individually, and I have loved my time with each and every one of the team. I would, however, like to mention the iOS Team (Dom, Nick, Rob and Will) for their tremendous mentorship and support, Carlos and Steve for fielding my questions when I felt like I’d asked the iOS guys too many (😅), and of course Jon and Jonny for the opportunity as a whole.